Rooting Down to Rise Up

Rooting yourself.....what does this mean? We hear this said in just about every style of yoga.

Like a tree we plant strong and secure roots to grow from in our practice, so that off the mat we become better at recognizing and dealing with a variety of situations. The concept of rooting down and finding a solid foundation provides you with a strong & stable grounding to develop your asana~it is also helpful in optimal alignment for your body. We begin to learn how to find our grounding on the mat so that off the mat we might naturally find our way back to a secure, supported and balanced state.

Standing poses like Vrikshasana (tree pose) or Virabhadrasna A/B (Warrior 1/2) are very grounding~they build focus and concentration. These postures increase circulation, improve coordination & perception. When you come into a standing pose, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, weaving and hooking in the ground or mat to support you. Feel the weight of your body bound into this support

as well as the rebound of energy coming up from the ground.

Bring your awareness to the point of contact on the ground or mat, press into the mound of the big toe, the mound of the little toe and center back of your heel. Bring awareness to the arch of your foot and to the inner ankle-feel them lifting. This is the Pada Bandha (foot energy lock) and it brings energy up your legs, awakening your entire body.

As you learn to root yourself, you will naturally rise up.

We see this occurrence in nature-a bird pressing down before lifting up, a mountain whose origin lies deep within the layers of the Earth, rising up to touch the sky and a seed sprouting roots and grows to reach new heights.

From a metaphysical perspective, a persons rootedness is their ability to stand in their truth. It gives them a scaffolding from which to rise to the demands of the living world. A person rooted to a strong sense of self knows no limit in what they can do.

"It was when I stopped searching for home within

myself I found there were no roots more intimate

than those between a mind and body that

have decided to be whole."

~Rupi Kaur


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